Rental homes

Looking for a rental home? When you find the right one, renting a home from Lakea is carefree and effortless – our experts will guide you through every step of the process.

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Becoming a Lakea tenant

Watch our video on renting a flat and check out our currently or soon-to-be
vacant rental homes!

You can fill in a rental application conveniently on our website.

What to do when you want to become a Lakea tenant?

Becoming a Lakea tenant

1. Check our available residences.

2. Fill in the application carefully (The application does not obligate you to sign a lease agreement). Click here for an electronic rental application.

3. Contact the rental agent and arrange a time to go and see the apartment.
You can find contact information of rental agents here

4. Once you have seen the apartment, contact the rental agent and arrange a time for signing the lease agreement.

5. Submit attachments: a copy of your most recent tax decision including the tax specification section, evidence on your income (e.g. payslip, certificate of retirement, of your welfare benefits or unemployment daily allowance), student certificate if you are a student, account of home ownership if you own an apartment.

6. Sign the lease agreement.

7. Remember to pay the security deposit.

8. Make arrangements with your agent to pick up the keys.

9. Pick up the keys and present a receipt for the security deposit.

10.  Congratulations on your new home!