Real estate management

Open and transparent operations as well as customer-oriented service form the basis of our real estate management services.

Real estate management

Trust is the key to good real estate management

We have several decades worth of experience in providing real estate management services. We currently manage almost 200 housing cooperatives, mostly located in Vaasa, Seinäjoki and Kokkola. We are committed to observing the Ethical Guidelines for Real Estate Management approved by Isännöitsijöiden Auktorisointiyhdistys ISA ry, the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation and the Finnish Real Estate Federation. Lakea Oy is also a member of the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation. Read more about the Ethical Guidelines for Real Estate Management.

As the real estate manager, we want, above all, to be a reliable and competent partner for the boards, shareholders and residents of housing cooperatives. For our customers, this is reflected in open and transparent operations as well as customer-oriented service. We also invest in proactive, long-term maintenance of properties, which promotes their safety and health and has a positive impact on both the comfort of housing and the preservation of the value of the real estate.

The duties of the real estate manager in housing cooperatives include, for example, administrative, financial and technical tasks.


Administrative tasks

  • Customer service: availability during office opening hours, receipt and processing of flat renovation notifications from managed properties, processing and filing of other documents
  • Meetings: meeting arrangements, invitations, preparatory work, documents, minutes and, if necessary, communication of decisions
  • Contractual matters of the property: preparation, drafting and supervision of lease, insurance and connection agreements and various property management agreements (e.g. maintenance, cleaning and waste management)
  • Supervision: monitoring of order and safety regulations, supervision of agreements
  • Notifications to the authorities: Notifications of changes, e.g. to the Trade Register, delivery of shareholder and resident notices, tax returns and insurance declarations, etc.

Financial tasks

  • Financial planning: action and financial plans, budget preparation, financial monitoring and management
  • Accounting: invoices, loans, accounts, financial statements, annual report, taxes, consumption statistics

Technical tasks

  • Property management tasks: organisation, monitoring, supervision and overseeing of property management, acquisition of materials and organisation of work for property management, setting and monitoring of consumption targets (water, electricity, energy)
  • Maintenance: monitoring and maintenance of basic equipment systems (e.g. HVAC and electricity), non-recurring repairs and their inspections, supervision of the interests of the company in flat-specific alterations and renovations, listing of the company’s alterations, maintenance needs reports
  • Construction matters: receipt of a new property, review and management of the contractor’s technical documents, monitoring of warranty period guarantees, necessary communications
  • Repair and fundamental improvement: administrative organisation

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