Privacy statement

Privacy statement


General information

This Privacy Statement applies to the use, distribution and storage of the data collected by Lakea Oy (“Lakea” or “we”) on its website at This Privacy Statement also applies to the use of our services and visiting our website. The links to third-party websites included on this website and the third-party content embedded on our website may be subject to the third-party websites’ own terms and conditions and privacy statements.


Data content of the register

Use of the site does not require registration or the provision of personal data. When you visit the website, your browser may automatically forward certain information to us. Such information may include

  • Your IP address and related information, such as: your Internet service provider (ISP), connection type and limited geographical information;
  • Your operating system and browser type, which may include information on the terminal device used to visit websites;
  • What page you are going to, what page you are coming from and what pages you visit;
  • Time of browsing;
  • Language or other similar choices;
  • Your browser’s ability to process certain types of content, such as your browser’s ability to process Flash content; and
  • Cookies.

We use the above information in real time in order to process your visit request and to provide content for the browser of your terminal device. We also store the above-mentioned data, referred to as website visit information, for various purposes, such as information security, error correction and purposes related to visit information and visitor traffic analysis. We do not link this information to identity and we only store this information for the period required by the mentioned purposes of use.


Regular sources of information and disclosure of data

Our website may contain electronic forms where your personal data is requested. This kind of data collection is used on all the “run errands on web” pages on our website. The information provided through these pages is only used for the purpose for which it has been collected. You may always refuse to provide your specific personal data, but not providing such data may prevent you from performing some functions related to the website.



We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file sent to and stored on the user’s computer that enables the website administrator to identify frequent visitors to the site, facilitate visitors logging in to the site and enable a combination of data being compiled of the visitors. Cookies do not damage the computers or files of users. We use them in order to be able to provide our customers information and services tailored to their individual needs. The information collected through cookies is used to improve the functionality and content of the site. With functional cookies, our website remembers your choices (such as the language you have chosen). The user may choose to disable the cookie function through the browser settings. However, we cannot guarantee that our platforms will work without problems after cookies have been disabled, as cookies may be necessary for the proper operation of some services.

[We also use third-party cookies to analyse website traffic and target advertising on third-party websites. We do not control the behaviour of those cookies.]


Community plugins

[Our website may contain links to social media. If you already have an account with a social media provider, that service may be able to identify you from this content or a visit to its website. You may also be identified through such content even if you are not a registered user of that social media service. For more information on social media privacy policies, please see the terms of service and privacy statement of the service provider in question.]

If you want, you can decline the collection of data used to target advertisement (such as the Facebook pixel). This can be done, for example, through the


Disclosure of data

We do not disclose data to third parties outside our organisation. We use the data we have collected only in the manner specified in this Privacy Statement. Only our employees who need the data in order to perform their duties are authorised to access this data.
Data is disclosed only with the consent of the user or due to a legal obligation.


Contact information and changes

This Privacy Statement was last updated on [12 October 2017]. We reserve the right to change the privacy policies described herein and to update the Privacy Statement accordingly. For any questions related to this Privacy Statement or the use of cookies, please contact:

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