Living in a Lakea home

Living under the same roof is pleasant when we pay attention to cooperation, take others into consideration and understand our own responsibilities and those of the housing company. Looking after your home is a skill among others, so you should read Lakea’s guidelines for everyday life – from cleaning to fire safety.

Housing guide


We have compiled this extensive set of instructions for matters related to housing and everyday life.

User IDs

Where you can receive a user ID for our e-services.

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Register of occupants and move notifications

If a new occupant moves into your apartment or someone moves out, submit a notification of move.

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Rules of conduct

To ensure comfortable everyday life, it is good to get to know the rules of your building.

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Sometimes, there are surprises and disturbances that disrupt everyday life.

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Please take good care of your keys!

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How to park and what to do if you need a parking space.

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What to do if you get stuck in the lift.

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Pets are allowed in most of our buildings – after all, they bring joy to their owners’ lives.

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Waste management and sorting

We encourage you to recycle.

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What to do before a renovation project.

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Division of responsibilities: who maintains and repairs what

Buildings wear down, and apartments need to be renovated and maintained every now and then.

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Notification of alterations

You must submit a notification of alteration work before starting the project.

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Fixtures and blinds

When decorating your home, watch out for electric wires and pipes when fastening decorations.

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Household appliances

What you should know about the installation of household appliances.

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Balcony and patio

You should also take care of your balcony.

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Water fixtures and drains

There are a few easy ways to keep the drains open and avoid odour problems.

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Internet connection

An internet connection is almost always included in an apartment.

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Who signs the electricity power agreement and what kind of work you can do personally.

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Storage compartments

Which items belong to which storage facility.

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Booking the sauna

Many buildings have shared sauna facilities available to residents.

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Safety and rescue plan

Let’s work together to ensure everyone’s safety.

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Saving water

Saving water will be a positive surprise on your water bill.

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Saving energy

Saving energy is not just for the good of the climate.

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Good indoor air quality and ventilation

Good indoor air quality is a basic requirement for good housing.

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A suitable room temperature increases living comfort.

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Shared spaces and yard area

Shared facilities offer more space for living.

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Home care and cleaning

When you clean regularly, you can avoid the trouble of marathon cleaning.

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If you have any questions

Contact details related to housing and maintenance are usually found on the noticeboard in the hallway or the yard. If you are using the e-services, you can find the information under ‘Omat Neliöt’.


If you did not find an answer in these instructions, please contact us – we are happy to help.

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