Good indoor air quality and ventilation

Good indoor air quality is a basic requirement for good housing.

Good indoor air quality and ventilation

The indoor air in an apartment is circulated once every two hours as long as the ventilation ducts are clean and the ventilation system works without hindrance.

The purpose of the exhaust air valves is to transport impurities and moisture out of the apartment. The exhaust air valves are located in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and wardrobe. These days, most buildings have mechanical ventilation and the most recent buildings even have units equipped with heat recovery.

How to ensure that ventilation runs smoothly

  • The heat recovery filters are regularly replaced by the maintenance company.
  • Clean the valves yourself at least twice a year.
  • Also clean the cooker hood valve and grease filter at least twice a year.
  • Do not change the settings of the exhaust air valve.
  • Keep the exhaust air valves open.
  • Do not smoke indoors.
  • Pay special attention to functional ventilation in wet spaces.

When encountering problems

If, despite the above measures, ventilation seems to be working poorly, please contact the maintenance company whose information can be found on the noticeboard or the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.