Notification of alterations

You must submit a notification of alteration work before starting the project.

Notification of alterations

According to the Housing Companies Act, a homeowner must submit an alteration notification in advance to the board or the property manager if the alteration may affect a part of the property, building or apartment that another homeowner is responsible for, or the use of the company’s or another homeowner’s apartment.

In practice, this applies to almost all changes, with the exception of minor work, such as the painting and wallpapering of the ceiling or the walls. If you are unsure if your renovation project requires a notification, contact your property manager.

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We recommend submitting the notification of alteration work via the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.


Voit myös lähettää ilmoituksen täyttämällä muutostyöilmoituksen.

Modification notification