Moving out of a Lakea home

Moving involves many things to do that you should prepare for well in advance.

Checklist for moving out

Terminate the rental agreement. Clean the apartment thoroughly before you leave. Remember to terminate various agreements. Here, we have compiled some instructions to make your move easier.

Thank you for your cooperation and for staying with Lakea! We wish you all the best!

Terminating the agreement

Lakea tenants or Omaksi tenants

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Final cleaning

Clean the apartment thoroughly before you leave.

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When moving, things that can be thrown away often build up.

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Moving date

Please get information about parking the removal van in advance.

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Return all keys, tags and cards you have received.

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Information on inspections

We will inspect the apartment you have lived in when you move out.

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Returning the security and omaksi payments

We will refund your security deposit in about two weeks from the end of the agreement.

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Moving notifications

Submit a notification of your move to both Lakea and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

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Home insurance

Terminate home insurance plans related to this apartment to end on the same date as the rental agreement.

Electricity power agreement

Terminate your electricity agreement to end on the same date as the rental agreement.

Internet connection

Terminate any internet subscriptions or other similar agreements for the apartment in question.

If you have any questions

If you did not find an answer in these instructions, please contact us – we are happy to help.

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