Whom to contact if…

Sometimes, you encounter surprises in your everyday life. We have compiled a list of useful links and guidelines to help you get answers when you need them.

Where do I find the contact information?


The contact information of the property manager, maintenance company and accountant are usually on the noticeboard and in the housing folder.

If you are using the e-services, you can find the information under ‘Omat Neliöt’.

Contact form

Whom to contact if

The maintenance company, the property manager or another operator?

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Lakea tenant

Rent payment status, contacting the maintenance company, etc.

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Omaksi customer

E-services for maintenance, Omaksi sales, Omaksi rental status, etc.

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Homeowners and housing company management

Finances, ordering documents, maintenance issues, etc.

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Estate agent

Ordering documents, property manager’s certificates, etc.

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Document orders, Property manager’s certificates, etc.


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Notification of water meter, move or alteration work

Notification of water meter, move or alteration work We recommend you use the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services to submit notifications. If you are unable to use the e-services, you can also submit notifications using the forms on our website. Muuttoilmoituslomake Modification notification Water meter report

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Thinking about moving?

Are you looking for a new home, or would you like to switch apartments?

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