Whom to contact if

The maintenance company, the property manager or another operator?

Whom to contact if

You can find an extensive collection of guidelines in our housing guidance library.

Living in a Lakea home

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

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User IDs

Ordering documents, property manager’s certificates, etc.


Lost keys and opening the door


Water damage and other serious problems and safety deficiencies

Please notify the maintenance company and the property manager immediately of any serious defects or safety deficiencies in the property or in your apartment. Also inform your lessor.

The apartment needs fixing

If the toilet seat or water tap is leaking, the window is broken, the drain is blocked, the fridge is not working, or there is another similar defect in your home, please contact the maintenance company.

There are problems with indoor temperature



If a neighbour’s behaviour is causing continuous disturbances, for example through loud music, dogs barking constantly or other similar ways, such behaviour may be intervened in. Please contact your property manager in writing and inform them of what has happened. The property manager will look into the matter, and the person causing the disturbance will be given a notice. If the disturbances continue, a warning will be issued to the person causing the disturbance. If the disturbances continue still, the last resort is terminating the rental agreement or taking possession of the owner-occupied dwelling.

The waste bins are full

If the waste bins are completely full and you know there will be some time until the next pick-up date, please contact the property manager.

The electricity or water is cut off


Deficiencies in yard and property maintenance

If the snow removal is insufficient, the yard is slippery, the lawn has not been mowed, there is litter in the yard, or the front door will not close, please contact the maintenance company. You can also notify the property manager of the deficiencies, who will ensure that the tasks agreed on with the maintenance company are completed on time.

Incorrectly parked cars and parking tickets


Criminal activities in the building

If you suspect that criminal activities, such as drug dealing, are taking place in your building, please always contact the police.

Questions about payments

Please contact the accountant or rent control services.

How to report changes to occupants

Register of occupants and move notifications

Name changes on the door and the board in the hallway

If you have used the move notification to submit information about changes to the occupants, we will change the names on the door and the hallway board for you.

Booking the sauna

Booking the sauna

Renting and purchasing parking spaces


Terminating a rental agreement or Omaksi agreement


Renovation projects and alterations made by homeowner


Alteration work notification

Questions about Omaksi agreements

Please contact your estate agent. You can also find information in our Omaksi guide.


Subletting permission for Omaksi agreement

Please contact your property manager.

Loan repayments, shareholder entries, maintenance charge transfers

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