How to park and what to do if you need a parking space.



Follow the traffic signs and parking restrictions set for the yard area. Do not drive in the yard unnecessarily. If driving in the yard is necessary in special circumstances, such as during a move, please be cautious.

Only park your car in spaces designated for residents. A car parked incorrectly may prevent emergency rescue measures, property maintenance or other important work.

Find the guest parking spaces and instruct your guests about correct parking in advance. The guest parking spaces are intended for temporary parking for the residents’ guests.

Unnecessary idling of cars is forbidden. Do not leave cables hanging from the heating outlets in the parking space. Do not use the sockets indoors to charge electrical equipment located outdoors.

Incorrect parking

If parking in your home property is supervised by a parking control company, it will handle matters of incorrect parking. Parking incorrectly may also lead to parking tickets or parking control fees.

If parking for your building is not monitored separately, please contact the property manager if you notice continuous incorrect parking or parking that may prevent rescue operations.

Parking tickets

Please contact the parking control company directly if you find that you have received an undue parking ticket. You can find the contact information of the parking control company near the parking area.

If you are seeking a parking space

A tenant can book a parking space from their rental agent. If you need a heating connection for your car, ask your rental agent for the key to the heating socket. Store the key carefully and return it when moving away.

Homebuyers may ask their estate agent about spaces to be sold or rented. The estate agent will provide you with the keys and additional instructions when you receive a parking space.

Omaksi tenants may ask their estate agent about the spaces based on the Omaksi agreement or rental spaces. The estate agent will provide you with the keys and additional instructions when you receive a parking space.

If you need a charging station for an electric car, you can enquire the estate agent about the site’s charging facilities. If the building does not have a charging station, please contact the property manager to discuss the purchase of such a station.

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