Storage compartments

Which items belong to which storage facility.

Storage compartments

Storage compartments are usually located either in the basement, on the ground floor or in a separate storage building. The estate agent can provide more information about the storage compartments.

To ensure fire safety, flammable liquids, gases or explosive substances must not be stored.

Storage compartment

The apartment-specific storage compartments are usually marked with the apartment’s number. Please remember to purchase a lock for your own compartment and keep it locked. You should not store valuables in the compartment as they may attract burglars.

Normally, you may store one set of car tyres in your compartment.

Bicycle and outdoor equipment storage

Bicycles and outdoor equipment should be stored in the storage facilities reserved for them to prevent theft. Remember to lock the doors.

You should also make use of the mounting brackets in the facilities to make room for more items.

Seasonal outdoor equipment should be stored according to season. For example, keep sledges in your own storage compartment in the summer and in the outdoor equipment storage room in the winter.

Baby prams, walkers and other similar objects must be stored inside the apartment or in the storage facility intended for them. Do not store them in the hallways.

Who is liable if my belongings go missing from the storage

The goods in storage are covered by your home insurance.