Shared spaces and yard area

Shared facilities offer more space for living.

Shared spaces and yard area

Our buildings have facilities available to all residents, such as hallways, storage rooms, laundry rooms and club rooms. Look after the cleanliness of these facilities, for your part. Also follow the instructions on how to use the facilities. This will ensure both the comfort of the facilities and the safety of all residents.

Spending time unnecessarily in the shared facilities is not allowed, and loud noises must be avoided. Each resident is obliged to clean the shared facilities up after themselves. When using locked doors, you must ensure that the doors are locked again when you leave.

Flammable substances must not be stored indoors.

Stairwells and hallways

Storing items in the hallways is not allowed for fire safety purposes. This also applies to baby prams and pushchairs.

Sauna facilities

Many buildings have shared sauna facilities that residents can book for their own use. Leave the sauna rooms clean for the next user. It is recommended that you sit on a towel on the sauna benches. If you notice any safety deficiencies or faults, please contact the maintenance company.

More information on booking the sauna facilities

Booking the sauna

Laundry and drying rooms

Many buildings have a laundry room and drying room, and using them may be free of charge or subject to a charge for the residents. Instructions on booking the laundry machines are available in the laundry room and drying rooms or the building’s noticeboard. Rugs cannot be washed in the laundry room since the laundry machines and dryers cannot withstand the weight of wet rugs. The laundry room is only intended for permanent residents of the building.

Club rooms, crafts rooms, workshops and other facilities

Different buildings have different shared facilities. Each building has its own practices regarding the booking and instructions for use of the facilities.

Please leave the facilities clean for the next user.

Storage compartments

Storage compartments are usually located either in the basement, on the ground floor or in a separate storage building.

More information about storage compartments:

Storage compartments

Yard area


Take care of shared yard areas so that you do not damage vegetation, the lawn, yard furniture or children’s toys. To ensure everyone’s comfort, take rubbish to the bins – especially cigarette butts.


Outside the apartments, pets must not disturb other residents. When walking pets, ensure that they do not foul the yard. Walking pets in the areas reserved for children’s play or in their immediate vicinity is prohibited. Take your pets outside the yard area to relieve themselves.

Feeding birds is not permitted in the yard, as waste from the feeding attracts rodents.


Follow the traffic signs and parking restrictions set for the yard area. Do not drive in the yard unnecessarily. If driving in the yard is necessary in special circumstances, such as during a move, please be cautious.

Only park your car in spaces designated for residents.

A car parked incorrectly may prevent emergency rescue measures, property maintenance or other important work. This may also lead to a parking ticket or parking control fee.

Find the guest parking spaces and instruct your guests about correct parking in advance. The guest parking spaces are intended for temporary parking for the residents’ guests.

Unnecessary idling of cars is forbidden. Do not leave cables hanging from the heating outlets in the parking space. Do not use the sockets indoors to charge electrical equipment located outdoors.