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Homes are our speciality.

Project manager

A wide range of responsibilities


Lakea serves its clients in all matters related to housing. This is why we employ several project engineers who are tasked with implementing properties from an idea to the residents moving in; estate agents who have been involved in the design of the properties they are selling; rental estate agents who connect homes and tenants; property managers who take care of our buildings and their residents; regional managers who have the overall responsibility for the development of housing in their area; financial management professionals who take care of our finances; and executive managers who allow Lakea to develop and everyone to succeed. We also employ a host of other professionals, but all Lakea employees have one thing in common: when we work together, we support the core of our operations – flexible homes.

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Lakea serves housing

From design to construction, from sales and leasing to building management. Lakea’s extensive insight and broad shoulders facilitate versatile services for housing.