Sell your property to us

Not only is every property and landowner unique and individual, but changing life situations require understanding as well. We at Lakea believe that property deals go smoothly when based on mutual trust and honesty.

Landowner or construction firm – why sell your property to Lakea?

Selling a property is always a major decision. However, decision-making becomes easier when the different phases of the process and the benefits you will receive from selling are clear. Together with you, we will find out what is the best use for your property now and in the future.

With Lakea’s support, you will receive optimal benefits from selling your property – we call it refining the property. Real estate development is a challenging field and hard to do alone. With us, the different areas of the work are taken care of by top-of-the-line professionals.

Here at Lakea, our insight on the requirements for housing in the future and new areas of focus in urban planning brings added value to the property. Honesty and friendliness guarantee smoother co-operation and a more ecological future.

We are now acquiring properties nationally. Contact us and sell your property to us!


Timo Mantila, Managing Director, tel 050 581 8097


How we co-operate on your property

1. Charting
Our co-operation begins with a free-of-charge survey of the planning and the conditions for building an apartment building.


Lakea's NPS

(Stakeholder survey for contractors and material suppliers 2020)
2. Preliminary agreement
In the preliminary agreement phase, we agree on the terms of the deal when all the pieces fall into place.

4.4 / 5

Lakea co-operation

(Stakeholder survey for contractors and material suppliers 2020)
3. Transaction
Ownership of the property is officially transferred to Lakea and the design for a new apartment building, for example, can be finalised.

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Lakea’s reliability

(Stakeholder survey for contractors and material suppliers 2020)
4. Production
Once all the preliminary work has been completed, we can roll up our sleeves and start construction.

“Innovative construction manager, fair and good co-operation partner, knowledgeable staff.”

(Stakeholder survey for contractors and material suppliers 2020)

From a property into diverse square metres

By providing new apartment square metres, Lakea is a reliable facilitator of Finnish life. Our projects reflect all the shades of life. Instead of being black and white, we support a whole spectrum of alternatives. What we leave behind us is a more diverse world. Whether your new idea is small or large in scale, an apartment building property can make it come true.


Lakea serves housing

From design to construction, from sales and leasing to building management. Lakea’s extensive insight and broad shoulders facilitate versatile services for housing.