Omaksi homes

Lakea’s Omaksi financing model is an affordable option, providing leeway for the search for your own home.

Rent as an owner – a variety of opportunities for your own home

Lakea Omaksi is an alternative way to obtain your very own home without requiring a large initial capital.

You first pay an Omaksi fee corresponding to 7% of the total price of the apartment. After that, you are an Omaksi tenant – paying a monthly rent, which also includes an instalment that gradually goes towards buying the apartment. After 20 years of living in the Omaksi apartment, you can redeem it for yourself by paying a final fee.

Service fees

Who is it suitable for?


The flexible Omaksi model is just as suitable as a first home for a student or young couple as for a senior who no longer wants to be tied down to an owned home. It allows for a diversity of living that benefits everyone. Omaksi homes are managed by Lakea. Residents have the opportunity to influence their common affairs through a residents’ committee. And in the same way as a shareholder, an Omaksi tenant is responsible for the surfaces and fixed property of their home.

An alternative to a rental apartment


Life is diverse, and not everyone has the opportunity or desire to take out a mortgage, for example. Due to different life situations, rental housing may have been the best option so far, even if you want to find your own property. The Lakea Omaksi model puts an own home within the reach of anyone who wants to commit to good care of their affairs – and when one’s life situation changes, the Omaksi agreement for an apartment can also be resold or redeemed back to Lakea at any time. If you need help selling an Omaksi contract, Lakea has an Omaksi brokerage service, whose contact information can be found on the home sales contact page.

Gradually your own


As an Omaksi resident, you gradually acquire the apartment as your very own, while living in the apartment. It’s a convenient way to obtain your new home without having to make a substantial financial investment.


Reserve an Omaksi apartment

You can reserve an apartment at an Omaksi location as soon as the pre-marketing starts.


Make an agreement

You sign the Omaksi agreement when the location’s construction work begins. You will be entitled to live in your Omaksi apartment by paying only 7% of the total price of the apartment.


Selection of surface materials

When you make an agreement during the early stages of construction, you also get to influence the surface materials of your new home. The agreement price includes Lakea’s pre-selected material worlds, from which you can choose the package of your choice.


4. Moving inspection

When the location is completed, you will get to see your new home and perform a moving inspection. And then it’s moving day! Welcome to your new home!



During your stay, you pay a management rent, which includes the loan repayment and management fee. The professional board ensures that the housing association is well taken care of. The residents’ committee ensures that the wishes of the residents are heard.


Annual inspection

The annual inspection of a new location will be held approximately one year after the completion of the site.
In connection with the annual inspection, possible fault notifications will be collected.


Redeem the shares for yourself

After 20 years, you can redeem the shares of possession for your Omaksi apartment by paying the final fee of the apartment.


8. Congratulations! You have acquired an owned apartment conveniently and sensibly!

Diverse life situations – Omaksi


Changing situations in life also require diversity when seeking a home. The Lakea Omaksi model allows different people to acquire their own home in different life situations and needs.

Sarah Student


20-year-old Sarah has saved up her graduation money and summer work salaries and wants to move into her own apartment. However, the capital is not yet enough for a large mortgage, but she also does not want to buy a cheaper home requiring extensive renovations. An Omaksi home meets many needs:

  • The rent also pays for one’s own apartment
  • The Omaksi agreement does not take away the tax benefit of the first home buyer before the home is redeemed
  • If a larger apartment becomes necessary, it is possible to rent an Omaksi apartment
  • f the apartment is later sold, the two-year minimum residence is met and Sarah does not have to pay tax on capital gains – and when the life situation changes, the apartment can be resold or handed back to Lakea at any time.
Sanna and Sam Investor


Sanna and Sam go to work and pay off their own home loan. An investment home would seem like a good idea to secure their future, but they don’t quite have the required amount. An Omaksi home supports building a better future:

  • One person can enter into one Omaksi agreement, so Sanna and Sam can acquire two Omaksi apartments in their names.
  • If the situation changes, an Omaksi agreement can be sold or even returned to Lakea
  • The Omaksi model is clear, everything is paid on the same invoice and the matter is taken care of
  • A new apartment is easy and carefree to rent
Pamela and Peter Family


Pamela and Peter have two children and a need for a good-sized family home. Because of Peter’s part-time job, the bank is reluctant to grant a mortgage, even though renting easily costs the same amount with a little on top. Omaksi can help them here:

  • Rent will still be paid, but some of the amount will go to their own advantage
  • Housing allowance is also available for renting, if their finances happen to slump
  • In a changed life situation, the apartment’s Omaksi agreement can be sold
  • It is also possible to return it back to Lakea, in which case the initial capital will also be returned, plus an index increase
Eve and Eric Retired


Newly retired Eve and Eric are selling their old detached house, which has become unnecessarily large and requires too much upkeep. Why would they move into an Omaksi home, instead of buying an apartment directly?

  • A new apartment is carefree: no major renovations and no surprises
  • Possibility of a larger apartment with a smaller initial capital
  • More money to enjoy life
  • Freedom to give it up whenever or leave the apartment as an inheritance

Frequently asked questions

Is housing allowance paid for the entire rent for the Omaksi apartments?
According to Kela's statement on 10 November 2014, the entire rent of the Omaksi apartment is taken into account when granting housing allowance. The tenant must review the matter on a case-by-case basis.
Is the interest paid in connection with the rental payment deductible for personal tax purposes?
The loan is in the name of a housing association, so interest cannot be deducted in your own personal taxation.
Can the loan be repaid earlier?
Not at the moment. The loan period is about 20 years. This is based on the law on the state guarantee for building loans for rental housing, which stipulates that dwellings must be in rental use for at least 20 years from the date of the first instalment of the guarantee loan.
If I no longer need the apartment myself?
You can sell the Omaksi agreement at its market price or sublease the apartment. You can also prematurely terminate the Omaksi agreement with Lakea. If you need help selling an Omaksi contract, Lakea has an Omaksi brokerage service.
Can I make modifications to my apartment, such as wallpapering or painting the walls?
Yes you can, as defined in the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act. For more information, please contact the manager of the housing company.