Water fixtures and drains

There are a few easy ways to keep the drains open and avoid odour problems.

Water fixtures and drains

Do not put these in the drain:

  • food waste, grease
  • cat litter
  • cigarette butts
  • nappies, bandages, sanitary pads, textiles
  • medications, chemicals, oil
  • wrapping papers or newspaper
  • construction waste, petrol, solvents


Clean floor drains regularly. Remove the plastic cover from the drain and clean the grate from hair and dirt. Wash the drain with water, cleaning agent and a brush. You can also get filters in the drain that collect hair.

If the drain is blocked or it stinks

If the drain remains blocked even after cleaning it, please contact the maintenance company. Do not let water into the blocked drain.

Each point with a drain has a drain trap that prevents the smell of the sewer network from entering your apartment.

The maintenance company will take care of unclogging the drain traps at the drain points.

When the water fixtures are not used (for example during a holiday), water may evaporate from the trap, allowing the odours to enter the apartment. If this happens, run some water to the dried traps.

You can find the details of the maintenance company on the noticeboard or on the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.