Sometimes, there are surprises and disturbances that disrupt everyday life.


Breaks in electricity, water and heat supply

Planned outages

Planned outages are usually announced in advance. Anticipate these outages by keeping flashlights and candles at home and reserving drinking water for cooking. If the heating system is disrupted, do not open the windows or waste heat. During power failures, do not open the doors of the fridge or freezer unnecessarily.

Unexpected outages

In case of an unexpected outage, please contact the maintenance company. You can find the details of the maintenance company on your building’s noticeboard and on the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.

Online services

In most cases, outages can be followed on the website of the local electricity, water supply or district heating company.

You can find the map on power outages in Finland here:

Power outages on map


Normal sounds are a part of life: you can use the bathroom and shower even at night, and the neighbours’ children may wake up early in the morning. Parties are also allowed, but it is polite to inform the neighbours in advance.

If a neighbour’s behaviour is causing continuous disturbances, for example through loud music, dogs barking constantly or other similar ways, such behaviour may be intervened in. Please contact your property manager in writing and inform them of what has happened. The property manager will look into the matter, and the person causing the disturbance will be given a notice. If the disturbances continue, a warning will be issued to the person causing the disturbance. If the disturbances continue still, the last resort is terminating the rental agreement or taking possession of the owner-occupied dwelling.

Online services

If you suspect that criminal activities, such as drug dealing, are taking place in your building, please always contact the police.


Pests are a rare disturbance, but they do appear from time to time. Often, it is also difficult to get rid of them. The most common pests living on residential properties are mice and rats. Bedbugs may be found in furniture and bedlinen, while clothes moths may live in textiles. Many pests may also thrive in dry food stored in kitchen cupboards.

Pests are a major problem because they move easily from one home to another. Sometimes, it is even necessary to destroy furniture or treat the whole building with pesticides.

Notify the maintenance company immediately if you notice any pests.

You can find the details of the maintenance company on your building’s noticeboard and on the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.

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