Fixtures and blinds

When decorating your home, watch out for electric wires and pipes when fastening decorations.

Fixtures and blinds

To ensure that the fastenings are neat and safe, pay attention to the types of wall and ceiling materials. In most cases, you can find information about the materials in your own apartment in your own housing folder.

Floor heating

If your home has underfloor heating, you must not drill, nail or saw the floor.

Electric wires

Do not drill or nail the surfaces between electrical or telecommunications sockets or switches. Also looks out for the wires to the sockets and switches inside the walls. These are most commonly located above and below the sockets and switches.

Water insulation in bathrooms

In bathrooms, furniture and accessories should be fastened with care since the drill holes will puncture the moisture barrier on the wall. The preferred attachment methods for light objects are different adhesive fastenings. However, if the holes are drilled, the gap between the hole and the fastening should be sealed with silicone intended for sanitary facilities. This will prevent water spills from entering the wall structure through the hole.

Water, drain and ventilation pipes

There may be air flues in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms near water points as part of the wall surface. There are water, sewer and ventilation pipes in the flues, so it is very important not to fasten anything that could break the pipes inside the flue. Ensure the flues’ location from the layout or from the property manager if necessary.

Walls and ceiling

You can install light and small-scale objects on the walls and ceiling. Install the fastenings according to the material of the walls and ceiling. You can get more information about fastening methods suitable for different surfaces from the sellers of mounting accessories. You can find information on surface materials in your apartment in the housing folder.

Tile surfaces

Fastenings to tile walls should be done with such thin drill bits that the tiles cannot be broken.

Blinds and roller blinds

You can install blinds and roller blinds at your own expense without a separate permission. Patch the holes well and paint the window frame if you are moving away and taking with you the blinds or roller blinds that you bought yourself. You can also leave them in the apartment. The blinds or roller blinds left in the apartment will not be compensated for.