Who signs the electricity power agreement and what kind of work you can do personally.


Electricity power agreement

The electricity agreement for an apartment is a matter between the resident and the electricity company.

If you are renting out your apartment, please remember to sign your own electricity agreement with a supplier of your choice for the times when there are no tenants in your apartment. When the apartment is empty, the owner will be responsible for the electricity agreement. In Omaksi buildings, the Omaksi tenants are responsible for their electricity agreements.

Using electrical appliances

Detailed instructions for using the appliances included in the apartment are usually available in the housing folder.

Defective electrical equipment must be taken out of use or repaired by an authorised electrician.

The sockets, switches and visible cables in the apartment must be intact. Any defects must be repaired immediately.

The apartments usually have a group switchgear equipped with automatic fuses. In older buildings without automatic fuses, you should keep backup fuses on hand.

You should also keep spare bulbs at home.

In case of power outages, you should have a battery-operated handheld lamp, candles or a lighter at home.

Remember that water conducts electricity. Avoid using electrical appliances when there is plenty of water nearby.

What kinds of work residents are allowed to do

Performing actual electrical installations is subject to authorisation and requires professional qualifications. An amateur user may not perform fixed electrical installations.

You may change the light bulbs.

You may connect a lamp to a lighting socket in the ceiling. To do this, you must turn off the main switch on the group switchgear. Do not leave the lamp hanging from the couplings alone; instead, hang it from the ceiling hook.

You may remove and re-attach the cover plates of electrical sockets and switches when wallpapering or painting the walls, for example. Do not touch the socket itself. Turn off the main switch before you remove and re-attach the cover plates.