Saving energy

Saving energy is not just for the good of the climate.

Saving energy

By saving energy, you can even reduce your own expenses and those of the property as a whole.


Indoor temperature

Keep your home temperature moderate, at about 20–22 degrees Celsius. Lowering the temperature by one degree will save about five per cent in heating costs. If you wish to ventilate your apartment, you should do it quickly by opening multiple windows or doors.


You should clean and defrost the fridge and the freezer regularly. Put food in the fridge and freezer only when it has cooled down. Adjust temperatures to these ranges: fridge at + 4°C or + 5°C and freezer at -19°C or -20°C.

Before starting the dishwasher or laundry machine, you should wait until the machine is fully loaded.

Switch off devices after use.

LED bulbs save energy.

Keep your balcony glazing closed in the winter.

Shared facilities

Switch off the lights in shared facilities when you leave.

Close the doors of cold storage spaces well.

Switch off the manually controlled fan in the laundry drying room after use.