Division of responsibilities: who maintains and repairs what

Buildings wear down, and apartments need to be renovated and maintained every now and then.

Division of responsibilities: who maintains and repairs what

Who is responsible for repairs

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The responsibilities for repairs and maintenance vary depending on whether you are the owner or tenant of the apartment.

As a rule, the repairs and maintenance of the building itself are the housing company’s responsibility.

You can request more information from the property manager.

Division of responsibilities: homeowners and Omaksi tenants

The maintenance responsibilities of a homeowner include, roughly, the maintenance and repairs of the apartment that they hold.

3D Responsibility table for housing association

Division of responsibilities: tenant

Tenants’ responsibilities for maintenance and repairs are more limited than those of homeowners, since the lessor is responsible for the parts that belong to the owner.

The tenant’s duty is to take good care of their apartment. This includes regular cleaning and other maintenance.

The tenant is responsible for replacing the light bulbs and other similar items.

The tenant’s duties include cleaning ventilation valves and their surroundings, cleaning drains and grates, cleaning the back of the fridge and defrosting the freezer, cleaning the cooker hood and grease filter regularly, and keeping the balcony’s water drains unblocked.

Any defects found in the home must also be reported to the maintenance company. Report any serious defects and safety deficiencies in the property immediately to the maintenance company or property manager.

If you suspect damage in your own apartment, such as water damage, notify the maintenance company and the property manager urgently. Also notify the lessor separately if the lessor is someone other than Lakea.