Pets are allowed in most of our buildings – after all, they bring joy to their owners’ lives.


Residents must ensure that their pets do not disturb the neighbours. Loud and continuous noises disturb the neighbours and may also be a sign that the pet is not well.


At home, you must take care of your pet’s special needs and also clean your home accordingly. You should also try to prevent any damage your pet can cause to your home, as such damage is not considered normal wear and tear when returning security deposits, for example.


Many people may fear large dogs, for example. Because of this, keep pets on a leash and do not let them disturb other residents in the yard.

When walking pets, ensure that they do not foul the yard. Walking pets in the areas reserved for children’s play or in their immediate vicinity is prohibited.

Take your pets outside the yard area to relieve themselves. Do not flush cat litter down the drain; instead, place it in the waste bin. Because of its clumping, the litter will clog the pipes very quickly.