What to do before a renovation project.


Buildings wear down over time and must be renovated regularly in order to keep them in good condition. Such renovations include pipeline and facade renovation projects. These measures are carefully planned and communicated in good time to residents and homeowners.

Renovations by tenants

If you would like to do light redecoration in your apartment, for example by painting, ask your own rental agent for more information on the matter.

Renovations by homeowners and Omaksi tenants

The owner has the right to alter the apartment. Always plan the renovation project well in advance. It is advisable to leave the tasks requiring expertise to a professional. Also take your neighbours into consideration and notify them of any disturbances in good time.

What kind of work must be reported and how

A written notification of alteration work must be submitted to the property manager for almost all alteration work. These include measures that may affect the property’s heating system, water supply, electricity, sewerage, air conditioning or acoustics and sound insulation, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations. Floor renovations must also be reported as the new floor may affect the transmission of sound within the property.

A permit from the building control authority is required e.g. for the installation of balcony glazing, the expansion or moving of the bathroom, changes in the use of the rooms, the construction of a sauna and the installation of an air heat pump if this affects the facade.

An asbestos survey must be carried out before the renovation project in certain cases in buildings constructed before 1994. The survey will ensure that the adhesives in the carpeting or tiles do not contain substances that require special disassembly.

Notifications are not required for small surface-level renovations, such as painting or wallpapering. You can ask about the notification obligation with the property manager – they can help and instruct with the next steps. Information on the renovations and alterations carried out in the apartments will be entered in the property manager’s certificate by the housing company.

Processing of alteration notifications

The necessary permits are applied for in the name of the housing company. The homeowner is responsible for the costs of the permits.

Starting the work

Only start the work once you have all the necessary permits. If necessary, contact the property manager for further instructions.

Supervising alteration work

The housing company has the right to supervise that the alterations by the homeowner are carried out in accordance with good construction practice. The homeowner carrying out the alteration will be liable for the necessary and reasonable costs of supervision.

Modification notification