A suitable room temperature increases living comfort.



The suitable temperature for the living areas is approximately 20–22 degrees Celsius, and in the bedrooms a degree or two cooler.

The temperature of your home is controlled either by radiator thermostats or wall thermostats. If you cover the radiator thermostat with curtains or furniture, it will not work properly.

Always keep the radiators in the bathrooms switched on to better dry the room after taking a shower or using the sauna. Also keep the underfloor heating in the bathrooms switched on, because it speeds up the drying of the floor and prevents water damage.

Adjusting of the heating system in new buildings

In new buildings, the heating system will be adjusted and balanced during the first winter. Before the settings are in place, the heating system will not work quite as planned.

When should I contact the maintenance company?

Contact the maintenance company if, despite careful adjustment of the thermostats, it is constantly too cold or hot in your home.

If the water-based radiators do not heat or only heat up partially, the maintenance company will bleed them as necessary. Also contact the maintenance company if the water-based radiator is making a gurgling sound or the radiator or valve is leaking.

You can find the details of the maintenance company on the noticeboard or on the ‘Omat Neliöt’ e-services.