Home care and cleaning

When you clean regularly, you can avoid the trouble of marathon cleaning.

Home care and cleaning


Wash the windows and balcony glazing once or twice a year. Also wipe the blinds and the window frame from dust.


Vacuuming and wiping the floors regularly is worth it, as is wiping the doors and doorframes and cleaning the balcony.

Also clean the ventilation valves and their surroundings regularly.

Wipe painted walls carefully, vacuum the ceiling and wipe the front door from the outside when necessary.


Clean the surfaces of the entrance hall fixtures and wardrobes from the inside and outside when necessary.

Bathrooms and toilets

Clean the shower screen or cubicle, tub, mirror, shelves, toilet seat, washbasin, tap and shower regularly.

Clean the tile walls occasionally.

Clean drains and grates regularly.

Clean the sauna benches from time to time.

Kitchen and household appliances

Always wipe the kitchen sink and worktops after each use. Also clean the background panel when necessary.

Also clean the waste bins from time to time.

Clean the kitchen cabinets from the inside and outside once or twice a year.

Defrost and clean the freezer once a year and collect the water so that it is not spilled on the floor.

Clean the fridge regularly. Also clean the back of the fridge from time to time. If the fridge does not have an automatic defrosting feature, defrost it every few months.

You should wipe the cooker and oven always after use, as it is difficult to get the dried food stains out later. Clean the cooker, oven, cooker hood, grease filter and oven trays regularly. Also clean from behind the oven if the oven can be pulled out, e.g. the free-standing models.


Clean the balcony regularly.

Keep the drainage channels open. This will prevent water damage to the balcony structures.

Remove snow, leaves and other litter from the balcony floor regularly. Do not throw snow or litter from the balcony down to the yard; instead, take the waste to the bins and run melted snow down the drain.

The surfaces and cover strips of the balcony glazing should be cleaned with water and neutral cleaning agents.

Ventilation and drying laundry

In the yard, there usually is a spot for shaking out and airing rugs and bedlinen. If you take care of textiles on your own balcony, do so inside the balcony railing since the railing cannot be used as a clothes rack.

You can also dry laundry in the drying room or on a drying rack in the yard if they are available in your building.