Final cleaning

Clean the apartment thoroughly before you leave.

Final cleaning

When the apartment is in order, empty and cleaned up, the rent and user charges have been paid, and the keys returned, the security deposit will be returned to the Lakea tenant or the necessary payments will be reimbursed to the Omaksi tenant.

Household deduction

You may receive a household deduction if you purchase cleaning services, including cleaning in connection to a move, from an external service provider. You can check the Tax Administration’s website for the details on the entitlement for household deduction. Also ensure that the cleaning service provider fulfils the requirements of the Tax Administration.

Emptying the apartment

Empty the apartment, storage compartments, and bicycle and outdoor equipment storage facilities. Do not leave excess items on the balcony or in the yard, either.

Plugging the dishwasher and laundry machine connections

If the dishwasher and laundry machine are your own and you take them with you when moving, the water supply and discharge pipelines must be plugged. You need to get new parts for the plugging if those do not yet exist in the apartment. A seal must be placed under the plug on the pressure side.

At the end, check that the plug is holding. Remember to close the taps to prevent water damage.


Wash the windows and balcony glazing if they are dirty, if the weather permits and the windows can reasonably be opened.

Blinds and roller blinds

Patch any holes well and paint the window frame if you remove the blinds or roller blinds that you bought yourself. You can also leave them in the apartment. The blinds or roller blinds left in the apartment will not be compensated for. If the blinds or roller blinds were in the apartment before you moved in, leave them as they are.


Vacuum and wipe the floors and remove any stains.

Wipe the doors and doorframes, including the front door on both sides, and remove any stains.

If necessary, vacuum the ceilings and clean the ventilation valves and their surroundings.

Wash the tile walls and wipe painted walls carefully.

Clean the balcony floor and railings.

You do not need to remove the wall hooks and plugs for hanging paintings. If there are holes in the walls from the removed fastening, they must be cleanly patched.

You do not need to remove sectioned mirrors glued to the wall. However, if you wish to do so, you must smooth out and paint or wallpaper the wall surface.


Clean the surfaces of the kitchen fixtures, entrance hall fixtures and wardrobes from the inside and outside.

Clean the kitchen sink, tap and tiles.

Reinstall the original fixtures’ doors and cabinets if you have removed them to make room for a dishwasher, for example.

Clean the waste bins.

Household appliances

Defrost and clean the freezer and collect the water so that it is not spilled on the floor. Clean the freezer and fridge. Turn off the fridge and freezer from the switch or by unplugging them. Remember to leave the doors of the fridge and freezer open.

Clean the cooker, oven, cooker hood, grease filter and oven trays. Also clean from behind the oven if the oven can be pulled out, e.g. the free-standing models.

Leave the ceiling sockets for light fixtures in place.

Bathroom fixtures

Clean the shower screen or cubicle, tub, mirror, shelves, toilet seat, washbasin, tap and shower.

Clean the drains and grates.

Clean the sauna benches.

Do not take these with you

If there were fire alarms, routers, cables or blinds or any other equipment in the apartment when you moved in, do not take them with you.

Also leave the housing folder in the apartment.