Terminating the agreement

Lakea tenants or Omaksi tenants

Terminating the agreement


The rental agreement must be terminated in writing. The best way to do that is to terminate the agreement through our e-services. Remember to cancel your parking space if you have made your own separate agreement. Also remember to cancel any sauna bookings or similar. Please note that all persons who have signed the rental agreement must terminate the agreement for themselves.

Notice period

The period of notice is one calendar month. When you terminate your rental agreement, it will end on the last day of the following month. This means that you can terminate the agreement at any time during the month: you do not have to wait for the last day of the month for the termination. Early termination of the Omaksi tenant agreement also has a one-month period of notice.

Example: I terminate my rental agreement on 12 April. The agreement will end on 31 May.

You can terminate your agreement easily via the e-services.

Omat neliöt

You can also terminate your agreement using a notice form.

Rental agreement termination form