Move notifications

Submit a notification of your move to both Lakea and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Move notifications

Posti, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, and several companies and organisations

You can submit the move notification either electronically via the online service at or by using a paper form. The website also provides information on which companies and organisations receive your updated contact information via the notification.

To authenticate your identity in the web service, you will need Finnish online banking codes or a Mobile ID. Paper forms are available at the offices of Posti or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The move notification cannot be submitted by phone.

Please enter the correct date on the notification so that you will receive your post in the right address both before and after the move.

Other instances

Also remember to tell your friends, online shops and other operators about your new address if they do not receive your new contact information automatically.

Move notification to Lakea

Tenant: if you have terminated your rental agreement, you do not have to notify Lakea separately. In other cases, remember to notify your rental agent of any changes to the occupants.

Tenant: if your lessor is not Lakea, but a shareholder of a housing company managed by Lakea, for example, please inform your lessor of any changes to the occupants and ask the lessor to inform the Lakea property manager.

Homeowner or Omaksi tenant: please inform the property manager of any changes to the occupants. Please also report any changes to your tenants’ information.


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Rental agents’ contact information

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