When you move out of a Lakea home

When you move out of a Lakea home

Moving–out checklist

Thank you for living in a Lakea home! After you move out the apartment is inspected.

Please make sure that everything is in good condition for the next resident!

  • doors and windows
  • original furniture and fixtures
  • taps
  • stove
  • refrigerator and freezer
  • electrical devices
  • fittings and skirtings
  • ventilators
  • walls and floors

Make sure to

  • plug the connecting pipes of the dishwasher and install the original fixture door where the dishwasher was.
  • empty the storage facilities. Do not leave any furniture or other inappropriate items in the waste disposal point.
  • leave the original fire alarms in the apartment.
  • leave ceiling plates and hooks in their places.

You do not have to remove picture hooks, hangers, plugs, mirror tiles or blinds. However, if you take them off and leave marks on the wall or window frames we expect you to repair the wall and frames neatly. You do not have to wash the windows unless they are particularly dirty.

Any costs for repairs or cleaning will be withheld from the security deposit.

All the keys received at the beginning of the tenancy must be returned, or the sum declared in the tenancy agreement will be withheld from the security deposit.