High jumper Heidi Erkinheimo is ready for the Kalevan kisat sports event


High jumper Heidi Erkinheimo is ready for the Kalevan kisat sports event

Heidi, what does the home of an athlete look like?

I live in a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Jyväskylä. I think my home looks like anybody’s home except that I need more space for my sports clothes and track shoes. I don’t train at home but I need free space for body maintenance workout. I stretch, massage my muscles with a foam roller and sometimes also exercise on the floor. I don’t have any training equipment at home except for my foam roller and resistance bands. I always keep my stretching spot clear of everything else so I don’t have to clear up space before I start.

You study at the University of Jyväskylä. Has combining studying with sports been easy?

It’s been pretty easy. There’s a couple of lectures per day but otherwise studying is quite independent. I’ve managed to fit my training sessions well into my schedule. Having Hippos-halli, the hall where I train, at a walking distance has helped a lot.

Do you tell about your life in the social media?

I post pictures on Instagram and follow other athletes. I’m not the most active of social media users though.

People are always interested in athletes’ style especially during big sports events on television. What kind of trends do high jumpers follow this year?

I don’t think there’s any strong visible trends. I use compression socks like many other high jumpers. We high jumpers must wear our hair up and they need to stay securely in place even if we land head first onto the mattress . I do my hair myself for competitions.

How is your training for the Kalevan kisat 2017 going?

For a year now, I’ve been healing a severe repetitive strain injury on my shin. I haven’t been able to train in earnest until quite recently. There’s still quite a lot of time left before the Kalevan kisat and I believe it’s perfectly possible for me to get into top shape.

Lakea is the main partner of the Kalevan kisat 2017 sports event. The competition will be held from 20th to 23rd of July in Seinäjoki. Lakea follows the athletes getting ready for the event.