Pirjo’s dreams came true with a new home of her own


Pirjo’s dreams came true with a new home of her own

Through rent payments, Pirjo Korkeamäki is gradually paying to gain full ownership of her flat. The monthly expenses compared to traditional renting are not much higher at all.

Pirjo Korkeamäki is sitting at the kitchen table of her new home, patting herself on the back for an excellent decision.
“I’m really happy to have ended up here. This feels like home, and the decision was sound financially as well.”

Korkeamäki has just left behind a decade of rental housing and moved into an Omaksi flat of the Lakeankulma housing company located in the Hietalahti district of Vaasa. Omaksi is Lakea’s financing model in which the buyer pays 7% of the price to move into a new home. The remaining sales price will be paid in rent payments over the next twenty years, after which the resident can purchase the apartment by settling the remaining share of the loan.

“I had enough saved up that I didn’t need any loan. At my age, I’m a bit wary of taking out loans – this is much better. Even though I live in a new flat near the city centre, my housing expenses are only slightly higher per month compared to renting. And I’m practically paying myself”, says Pirjo Korkeamäki, who retired a couple of years ago.

Before moving to Lakeankulma, Korkeamäki explored the situation in terms of purchasing a home in Vaasa.

“With the same monthly investment, I might have been able to buy a flat in an old building on the outskirts of town. I would have obviously needed to spend some money in renovation.”

Having no car of her own, Korkeamäki wasn’t very keen on long distances either.
“It’s wonderful to live in a new flat right next to the city centre with all the services.”

Korkeamäki’s previous home was in an older building, which she doesn’t seem to miss.
“The layout in my new home is very good. It’s also amazing to have a glazed balcony, enough electrical sockets, plenty of closet space and a sizeable bathroom.”

The housing services are a plus
Pirjo Korkeamäki read a newspaper article on the Lakeankulma building when it was nothing more than a large pit between Mäkikaivontie and Korsholmanpuistikko. She read about the Omaksi financing model at the same time.
“When an info event on the building and the financing scheme was held later on, I attended. I fell in love with the flat at first sight, and Lakea’s Katariina Heinua explained the Omaksi financing arrangement in an understandable way. I didn’t waste much time making my decision.”

Pirjo Korkeamäki likes to hike and be active in every way, but she does admit occasionally thinking about getting old.
“The fact that I can get meal and health services in the same building was absolutely a factor in my decision.”

The local Diaconia Institute operates on the ground level of the building, providing home care, meal and laboratory sampling services. In addition to this, it arranges recreational activities. As a new service, a restaurant is being opened downstairs.

“But this building’s residents aren’t all old people, mind you”; Korkeamäki points out. “I’m sure there are residents who need housing services but there are also plenty of young families. The safe financing model is sure to appeal to everyone in our uncertain economy.”

When you ask you get to know
Day-to-day life at the Mäkikaivonkatu flat has not yet quite had time to settle into normal pace. Pirjo Korkeamäki’s home is still short of a new television and washing machine, and the windows have no drapes.
“It’s great to decorate and set up your new home when everything is so shiny and new and works so flawlessly. Top marks to Lakea for how well they have kept us residents informed about everything related to the move and the building itself. Joint info events have been held on electronic keys and the laundry room, sauna and other common premises.”

Pirjo Korkeamäki open events are an excellent way to attract people with regard to selling new housing in general.
“Especially among the traditionally reserved locals, many may find it difficult to make direct contact or ask questions, but when you have an open event, people will come.”

To this effect, Lakea will be holding an info event at Lakeankulma on 27 September. The event will provide information on the opening of the new restaurant, the services in general and the housing provided by the housing company. The popular Omaksi financing model will also be covered. The event will be attended by Lakea’s Sales Negotiator Katariina Heinua and Director of Customer Relations Kristian Korpela.