Lakea is also providing electronic services – almost everything can be done remotely!


Lakea is also providing electronic services – almost everything can be done remotely!

Lakea is conscientiously following general instructions and monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation. Although many of our employees are already working remotely and our offices are partially closed for now, we are still providing services on weekdays between 8am and 4pm by phone and e-mail. In addition, almost all housing-related matters, such as housing sales, can easily be handled via electronic channels.

We provide a safe and easy opportunity to handle most housing-related matters remotely – even from the comfort of your own sofa! You can access all our contact information and most of our electronic forms via our Affairs page.

To help you, below we have compiled instructions on electronic contacts and the management of housing-related matters.

Rental homes – quickly via our online service

Searching and applying for a rental flat, renting a flat, and most matters related to renting accommodation can be handled electronically.

The following links are available on our Rental homes page:

  • Becoming a Lakea tenant – this page provides instructions for persons seeking a rental flat or preparing to move into one, as well as persons already living in a Lakea rental flat or about to move out.

  • Residents’ own page – via this link, persons living in a Lakea rental flat can handle a variety of matters concerning their lease and submit housing-related notifications.

You can fill in and send an electronic form to terminate your rental agreement via the Termination of the rental agreement page.

The contact information of rental agents is available on the Contact rental page.

Homes for sale – via our service, you can also find your future home online

If you are looking for a new home to buy, see our Myyntikohteet  (homes for sale) page, where all our homes for sale and Omaksi homes are displayed. There, you can also view several high-quality conceptual drawings and photographs of buildings and flats, as well as site brochures, layouts, and other useful information. 

You can also ask a property salesperson for a flat showing via a video link provided by the seller.

If necessary, the entire housing sales process can be carried out remotely via an electronic channel.

The contact information of salespersons is available on our Contact sales page.

Real estate management – help is available even in the current situation

Residents, shareholders, and the board members of housing companies can contact real estate managers by phone or e-mail, via the general contact form, or with personal Hausvise credentials at

Board meetings and annual general meetings of housing companies will be agreed upon on a housing company-specific basis.

When contacting a real estate manager via e-mail or our contact form, please state the city and building in which you live in addition to the reason for your contact. This will help us to handle your case correctly right from the start.

The contact information of our real estate managers is available on the Real estate management services page.

Construction – quick service remotely

In principle, we will hold all construction-related meetings electronically via the Microsoft Teams meeting tool.

Worksite meetings of less than ten persons are allowed, but we recommend that they be held remotely as well. However, important tasks, such as building reception, must be done.

We would also ask you to make all construction-related contacts electronically.

The necessary phone numbers are available on our Contact construction page.

Financial administration and finance – still providing you with quick support

All Lakea invoicing information is available on our Invoice information page.

Please send all questions related to invoices and the payment of rent via e-mail to

Contact information related to financial administration and finance is available here.

We wish you smooth remote collaboration until the next live meeting!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this exceptional situation!

In the coming days, what we will surely miss most is having coffee with our customers and colleagues. However, when this exceptional situation is over, face-to-face meetings will feel even better than before!