Lakea resident notice 5|2023


Lakea resident notice 5|2023

The party is coming – pay attention to your neighbors too

Parties are also a part of life! It is polite to inform the neighbors about them in advance. Take into account the rules of order in your house and make sure that the bottom door remains locked.

What to do if the neighbor’s party becomes a disturbance?

If your neighbor causes a constant disturbance, for example with loud music or loud parties, the matter can be intervened. In serious situations, contact the police. Otherwise, you can contact your real estate management.

How and where you can grill in the apartment complex

The barbecue season has begun! You can grill on your own balcony with an electric grill, as long as it does not cause a fire safety hazard or unreasonable inconvenience to the neighbors.

Please remember that open fires and disposable grills are prohibited on the balcony.

If there is a barbecue shed or other designated place for grilling in the yard of your housing association, please keep it clean for the next user.

Recycle correctly in your summer kitchen too!

Empty, clean and dry packaging and disposable containers are recyclable. If a quick rinse with cold water or a wipe with, for example, a used napkin is not enough to clean the container, put the packaging to mixed waste or combustible waste. The plastic empty and dry sausage package wrapper and the meat box are sorted into plastic packages.

Metal lids and caps, cans, aluminum containers and – foils and aluminium candle covers, on the other hand, belong to metal waste.

The correct final address for shed mosquito repellents is the sorting station.

The silverfish moves with the cardboard boxes

The silverfish, a relative of the booklouse, is already common in Finnish homes. Silverfish usually spread from one house to another with cardboard boxes, both during a move and also as a hoe guest in online shopping orders. Inside the apartment building, they pass from one apartment to another through gaps in the structures.

Take empty moving boxes and cardboard from online store orders immediately to the recycling bin outside. The furniture and carpets bought at the flea market should also be carefully vacuumed, so that uninvited guests don’t come with them.

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