The key pick-up will be agreed on separately.


Lakea tenant

For a tenant or a person authorised by them, keys are handed at a Lakea service desk. The rental agent will inform you about where you can pick up your keys.

The tenant’s security must be paid before the keys are handed out. If the security is a bank deposit, the keys will be handed over against the original receipt of deposit. If you have received a payment commitment from KELA, you must also submit that. We do not accept personal guarantees.

Homebuyer or Omaksi tenant

When a new site is completed, a date will be arranged for a homebuyer or Omaksi tenant to pick up the keys, about which you can obtain further instructions from your estate agent. In other cases, picking up the keys will be agreed upon separately with the estate agent.

As for sites for sale, all instalments of the sales price, and the Omaksi price for the Omaksi sites, as well as any additional work or alteration work, must be paid before the keys can be handed over.

Extra keys

Depending on the site, you can order extra keys, tags or cards from the property manager for a separate additional fee.

Lost keys

Please take good care of your keys! The keys, tags and cards must be stored carefully. If they are lost, notify the property manager immediately. Residents will be charged for missing keys, tags and cards and, if necessary, the rekeying and reprogramming of the locks.

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