Turku’s Amiraali 1 sold out in a matter of days


Turku’s Amiraali 1 sold out in a matter of days

Lakea Oy’s Southern Finland sales negotiator Jussi Pyykkönen had prepared carefully for the coming work week. He had drafted a premarketing campaign and scheduled all activities accordingly. Silent sale of the apartments in the timber building developed by Lakea in the Linnanfält area in Turku was to begin already during the weekend, and Pyykkönen had dropped a hint to some potential buyers. The actual sales process was to start on a popular housing market website after the weekend.

“I was astonished when people started to contact me already during the weekend. In the end, every single apartment had been reserved for before Monday morning. The building and its location were very interesting to various client groups.”

And it was not just a case of Saturday night fever. None of the reservations made during the weekend was cancelled the following week when Pyykkönen sent his clients agreement documents to be reviewed and signed.

“Amiraali 1 is located in the new Linnanfält wooden residential area near Turku Castle and the Aura river. The location could not be better. Demand is high for timber framed houses at the moment, and the Linnanfält building is among the top timber construction projects in the country,” Pyykkönen says.

Lakea’s Amiraali 1 in Turku is to be completed by the end of 2018. Its apartments are Omaksi homes, which means that the buyers first pay 7% of the purchase price and the remaining share is paid in rent payments over the next twenty years. The Omaksi financing model is Lakea’s own and has become very popular among clients. The now fully reserved Amiraali 1 will later be accompanied by Amiraali 2.