What does an athlete, sports event and business enterprise have in common?


What does an athlete, sports event and business enterprise have in common?

I have been the CEO of Lakea for the last year and a half now. During this period, I have had the chance to cooperate with many different partners and follow the arrangements of various events. Now that Lakea is the main partner of Kalevan kisat 2017, the national Finnish sports event, I have truly enjoyed working with the athletes and the background team of the event.

At first, I didn’t think that we real estate specialists at Lakea and the top athletes have a lot in common. Lakea is the sponsor of the sports event, and in exchange, gets coverage. But it is not that black-and-white. The better I get to know the world of athletes and the behind-the-scenes of the event, the more I see similarities with business life. In both of them, one always keeps the goal firmly in mind and does everything they can to achieve it. It’s inspiring to realize that as different as these two fields are, they have common features.

Coverage is important, of course. When a company sponsors some product, person or event, it wants as much coverage as possible. Right now, planning Lakea’s visual coverage in the Kalevan kisat is well under way. I can’t wait to see what our marketing team comes up with.

Along with our cooperation with the Kalevan kisat, we have encouraged our personnel to exercise more and take care of their well-being. We have also gathered a team for the running events of the upcoming spring and plan to take part in at least the Helsinki City Run.

Have fun exercising!



Timo Mantila