When you move in a Lakea home

When you move into a Lakea home

Welcome to your new home! We hope you enjoy living in a Lakea home.

 Moving–in checklist

  • File a notice of removal and redirect your mail to your new address: www.posti.fi/muuttoilmoitus.
  • Sign an electricity contract for your new apartment.
  • Get an extensive home insurance (the property is insured).
  • Reserve a parking slot if you need one.
  • Apply for a housing benefit from Kela if you are entitled to it.
  • Install a fire alarm and test it regularly.
  • Get an internet connection if it does not come with your apartment.
  • Keep your apartment in good condition.
  • Remember to pay your rent on time.
  • Storage facilities for each apartment can be found on the bottom floor.
  • Please find out about the waste sorting possibilities on the property. There are public recycling points next to big supermarkets.